The more we learn about the innate power of the mind-body connection, and about the effects of medication, environment, lifestyle and diet on health, the more it makes sense to integrate all of these factors into a plan for your health care.

Integrative and Functional medicine are prevention-focused, healing-oriented disciplines that consider the whole person and root causes of chronic health conditions. These disciplines emphasize the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient thus, empowering the patient to take control over their health.

Perhaps the most frequent criticism of traditional (or “conventional”) medicine has been its focus on treating symptoms rather than understanding underlying causes of illness and disease. With this in mind, adding the use of genomics alongside integrative or functional medicine can be the change you’re seeking.

This approach is not a rejection of traditional medical treatments. It is the opportunity to create patient plans that are targeted, personalized and evidence based. These plans incorporate the wisdom of the physician to apply integrative and functional medicine with traditional medicine where appropriate and to treat the whole patient.

The convergence of traditional, functional and integrative medicine can be found within IntellxxDNA Reports.

IntellxxDNA personalized genomic reports help clinicians understand a patient’s individual gene function. Your clinician’s understanding leads to exceptionally powerful, individualized prevention and intervention strategies. Our genomic reports are available only through trained healthcare providers. FIND A PROVIDER

Your reports are divided into categories of health conditions showing both risks and benefits. As a Clinical Decision Support Tool, your clinician can use an IntellxxDNA Genomic Report to understand the clinically relevant and highly comprehensive information about your personal genetic make-up. This includes information about potential interventions that can be used to optimize your health and connect the dots that lead to your best self.

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