This is personalized medicine.

Genomics intelligence is a health care professional's ultimate clinical decision support tool.

IntellxxDNA™ provides licensed health care professionals with genomic intelligence to support cutting-edge clinical decision-making. Our custom DNA array (chip) and proprietary methodology produces well-researched, easy-to-understand genomic reporting that details risks, benefits and evidence-based potential intervention  strategies – encompassing environment, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements and medications.


IntellxxDNA™ Supports Clinicians

IntellxxDNA™ Connects Clinicians with the Scientific Research Published in the Fields of Genomics, Personalized Medicine and Integrative Medicine.
Insight into gene function, and the ability to create an individualized health plan in response, offers the most targeted, personalized route to helping your patients achieve health goals.  It all starts with a DNA test kit.

As a Clinical Decision Support Tool, IntellxxDNA™ supports your clinical decision making.

IntellxxDNA™ is not a lab, but a clinical educational company that curates the scientific literature along with a patient's genomic data in a way that allows clinicians to easily analyze and respond to their patient's data.

Our reports are not diagnostic. They are intended to be used in conjunction with a patient’s history, family history, laboratory findings and other information that you collect to better address your patient’s concerns and goals.

IntellxxDNA reports provide the following:

•    Extensive references about gene function to expand your knowledgebase
•    Potential prevention and intervention strategies at your finger tips
•    Handouts to help you help your patients make dietary or lifestyle changes
•    Reinforcement of everything you have learned at functional and integrative medicine conferences and through your reading - essentially putting a textbook of genomics, integrative and functional medicine all in one place and within easy reach.
•    IntellxxDNA uses a combination of methods to accurately report on and display your patient's genomic variants including SNP array technology, PCR and deletion assays.

How Does IntellxxDNA™ Differ From
Direct To Consumer Products

IntellxxDNA™ saliva test kits are processed on our custom, research-grade array in a CLIA certified and Cap accredited lab.  This array, or chip, provides exceptional depth and breadth of analytics and potential intervention recommendations that aren't accessible through direct-to-consumer tests.

Once the results of your patient's DNA saliva test are complete, IntellxxDNA™ formats them in a way that allows you to easily asses, "How common are these variants", Has this particular variant been associated with health concerns in the literature? Do we know what this gene does and how it can potentially be modified?  These are the questions that you as an evidence-based clinician need to know in order to come up with a personalized medicine plan for your patient.

 IntellxxDNA Authorized Clnician

Doctor Patient Genomics Consulting

Converging Traditional and Personalized Medicine
Our reporting capabilities enable clinicians to “get under the hood,” and investigate each patient’s unique genomic profile. Clinical reports are divided into health risk categories, where genomic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are grouped to show risks and benefits. Our personalized reports help clinicians understand gene function and explore potential prevention and intervention strategies available within functional and integrative medicine as well as and conventional medicine. Genomically targeted potential nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are referenced and discussed in detail.

Intellxx DNA Genomic Chip

Demanding Accuracy and Integrity of Research
Released only to licensed health care professionals, our reporting and analytics follow strict guidelines that ensure only studies with good statistical data, reproducibility and appropriate confidence intervals are included. Utilizing our proprietary analytical methodology, IntellxxDNA™ provides clinicians with scientifically current data reflecting potential additive risks and benefits that are clinically significant and scientifically supported.


Genomics Training for Physicians

Expanding A Clinician's Knowledge Base
For many health care professionals, two barriers to entry into utilizing genomic intelligence are time and complexity. IntellxxDNA™ reports distill dense information into an organized, color-coded structure to facilitate ease of use. Each result provides the clinician with scientific explanations translating gene function and supporting science for both clinician and patient. Well-researched, evidence-based potential intervention strategies support YOUR clinical decision-making.  We also provide training resources within our clinician dashboard so that you can learn any time, any place.

Evidence-Based. Research-Centric. Action-Enabled.

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Released only to licensed health care professionals, our reporting and analytics follow strict guidelines that ensure only studies with good statistical data, reproducibility and appropriate confidence intervals are included. Due to the quality of our custom chip and the proprietary methodology that our research team employs, IntellxxDNA™ provides clinicians with highly accurate data reflecting potential additive risks information utilized in the development of IntellxxDNA™ reports comes from peer reviewed studies in the published medical literature. We aim to include only information of the highest clinical significance which is scientifically proven and supported by highly significant p values.

Genomic analysis can be complex and lengthy. Our reports focus on significant results and present the results in a format that allows clinicians to easily access data. All SNPs and other information within our reports including potential intervention and prevention strategies for addressing SNPs are referenced, so that you as a clinician can easily review any articles of interest and confirm our findings.

For many health care professionals, two barriers to entry into utilizing genomic intelligence are time and complexity. IntellxxDNA™ reports distill dense information into an organized, color-coded structure to facilitate ease of use. Each result provides the clinician with scientific explanations and well-researched, evidence-based potential intervention strategies to support clinical decision-making.

We invite you to order a free Sampler Report so that you can review an example. Contact us at and we'll have a member of our team contact you.

IntellxxDNA™ has training video modules and other materials in development that our clinicians may access. These instructional support tools are designed to expand their knowledge base regarding gene function and implication within potential interventions. Topics include:

  • Genomic Consultation Topics and Best Practices
  • Safety Considerations
  • Genomics Overview
  • Disease State Spotlights: Modules focused on gene function, and potential preventions/interventions, within specific, complex disease states.
  • Cognition and other case studies to show you IntellxxDNA™  reports in action.

Direct-To-Consumer Genotype Tests

You may have seen commercials for companies that provide DNA tests and health reports to the general public, often piggybacking on the public’s interest in genealogy and ancestry. We appreciate that their marketing efforts have brought the concept of genomics and health into the public eye, however the tests and reports that they deliver to the public are not medically comprehensive. These tests only show variants relayed through selected, single SNPs, which don’t tell the whole story from a clinical perspective.

Commercial Exome Tests

Some companies conduct whole genomic or exome sequencing – meaning they sequence all of your genes.  Exome sequencing is a good choice if you are looking for a rare genetic illness, and you need to identify very large deletions or insertions. Examples of genetic illnesses include Huntington’s disease or genetic forms of breast cancer (i.e. BRCA). However, current exome reports do not tend to highlight gene interactions, role of variants, or potential modulation strategies. They are also cost prohibitive for routine use.

IntellxxDNA™ Clinical Tests & Analytic Reports

Created by clinicians for clinicians, IntellxxDNA™ is a clinical decision support tool that provides genomic data and analytics based on gene-to-gene and gene-to-environment interactions through SNP technology.

Whereas most commercial tests focus on just a few alleles or single SNPs, our technology and proprietary methodology dives into the interplay within multiple SNPs, as well as the role that minor alleles play in gene function. IntellxxDNA™’s reporting provides analytics on SNP variables and pairs these findings with odds ratios, a critical factor in clinical decision-making.

IntellxxDNA™’s data and analytics look at the complex intricacies of a patient’s genomic profile and how small variations within their DNA affect their quality of life and health risks. We include evidence-based, well-researched potential intervention strategies – encompassing environment, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements and medications. These components make our reports accessible and actionable for ease-of-use in clinical decision-making.

We only offer accounts to licensed health care professionals. To become an IntellxxDNA™ clinician, you will be required to provide proof of licensure. Once approved, you will receive login instructions to your dedicated clinician dashboard. This dashboard will be your portal to your patients' reporting, training and support materials and other information of assistance.

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About Our Privacy Policy

IntellxxDNA™ is committed to safeguarding the personal data of our clinicians, patients, and anyone who visits our website or dashboards. Our research, analytics, reporting and marketing practices adhere to strict privacy and integrity principles, including: enabling informed consent; empowering individuals through choices; and protecting and safeguarding information according to the highest industry standards, including HIPAA.  Our Privacy Policy is available under our About page or access it here: IntellxxDNA Privacy Policy.

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Curious As To What Is Inside?

We have three great report options:

This exciting report is designed to help licensed prescribers to understand the modifiable causes of memory loss. This report provides clinicians with genomic resources for the implementation of a cognitive impairment reversal protocol. In addition to the well-known APOE ԑ4 variant, there are many additional genes and SNPs which can contribute to memory loss. Genes highlighted in this report relate to numerous pathways of inflammation, clearance of amyloid, hormone related pathways, nutritional factors, detoxification pathways and more. Our report addresses over 100 SNPs found to affect cognition. Referenced potential interventions are provided.
This report provides a thorough overview of common health concerns including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid, obesity and macular degeneration. Also included are genes related to your tendencies to form blood clots, how you respond to anesthesia and pain meds, how you clear mercury, pesticides and other chemicals, lactose intolerance and other causes of irritable bowels, gluten intolerance, and key methylation, nutrient and vitamin panels. Over 300 genetic variants are analyzed and linked to research within 20 different organized topics, allowing your clinician to provide a highly individualized health plan to optimize your quality of life and achieve your health goals.
This report includes all the topics and components in the Medical Overview and Brain Optimization Reports. Through the analysis of the clinically relevant Executive Combination Report, the breadth of your overall health can be addressed.


The ultimate self-care is better health care.

Help your patients take a pro-active and preventive approach to their health through advanced, actionable, accessible genomics intelligence. The IntellxxDNA™ clinical decision support tool enables you to deliver in-depth personalized care to improve patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.