Founded on the belief that a better world begins with a better you.

IntellxxDNA is a genomics intelligence services company, created to individualize the practice of medicine by empowering functional and integrative clinicians with molecular-level insight into each patient, realizing evidence-based, precision treatment — and nurturing a new level of healing and care for the patient, for society and for our planet.

Led by a board-certified MD and dedicated genomics professionals, we are a trusted curator of the vast and ever-changing volume of medical genomic data.

Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer, & Medical Director
Dr. Hausman-Cohen has been using genomics for over a decade to deliver personalized medicine and help her patients achieve optimal health and wellness. READ FULL BIO

Carol Bilich

Co-Founder and CEO
Carol Bilich is a mission-driven CEO, passionate about building a company that is firmly rooted in research integrity, business/medical ethics and the development of a healthy corporate culture. READ FULL BIO

Connie Trotter

Chief Operating Officer
Over the span of a 30-year career in healthcare operations, Connie Trotter has brought clarity, efficiency and problem-solving to some of the most successful practices in Austin, Texas, including concierge medicine, family medicine, dialysis clinics and cardiology. In addition to bringing her critical operational and managerial responsibilities to IntellxxDNA, our clinician clients rely on Connie for her experience and insight in successfully deploying our decision support tool in their practices.

Grant Williams

Lead Research Associate
Grant Williams is the Lead Research Associate for IntellxxDNA. He works closely with Dr. Hausman-Cohen and other consulting PhDs and MDs to help translate the published medical literature into IntellxxDNA reports. He also works closely with our laboratory and bioinformatics consultants and design team to help improve the scientific and clinical utility of the IntellxxDNA platform. He is a methodical, detail-oriented researcher who is passionate about the impact of genomics on the future of medicine. Grant also enjoys working closely with IntellxxDNA clinicians in educational settings. He has been with IntellxxDNA since its inception, helping the research come to life. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a focus in Microbiology.

Ling Wu

Product Development and Innovations Lead
Emily Ling Wu works closely with our CEO, Carol Bilich, along with the sales, marketing, and programming teams. As part of her job, she works with both IntellxxDNA clinicians and our internal teams so that IntellxxDNA can constantly be on the forefront of genomic clinical decision support tools. Her attention to detail and systematic approach to innovation supports IntellxxDNA in its continued mission of precision medicine. She also enjoys working with potential and established IntellxxDNA clinicians, helping them to understand and harness the power of genomics in clinical practice. Ling has been with IntellxxDNA since its inception. She holds a Bachelor of Science of Arts from the University of Texas.

IntellxxDNA routinely consults with MDs and PhDs from around the world in an effort to continually provide clinically useful genomic intelligence. We are honored to be among these valued advisors.

Arwen Podesta, M.D.

Dr. Podesta is a board certified psychiatrist and nationally recognized expert in the field of addiction. Her background in biochemistry and genetics has positioned her to be an ideal consultant to IntellxxDNA as we developed our Mental Wellness Report. She is currently involved in research regarding addiction and the role of NAD as well as serving as a psychiatrist with additional specialties in integrative and forensic medicine. In addition to helping to connect potential interventions and genomic mechanisms in our Addiction panel, she has served as an educator as part of our IntellxxDNA trainings.

Robert Sheeler, M.D.

Dr. Sheeler is a global thought leader in the world of both Integrative and Functional Medicine. After 20 years in numerous leadership positions including faculty, Clinical Practice Chair for the Department of Family Medicine and the Family Medicine Clerkship Director at the Mayo Clinic Medical School, Dr. Sheeler went into private practice so that he could be truly at the forefront of medicine. He teaches Functional Medicine across the globe and has been an early adopter of genomics, using IntellxxDNA since its inception. His insight, feedback, beta testing and recommendations for interventions during the development process of our reports and beyond has helped us create one of the most highly respected genomic products in the country.

Angela O’Neil, M.D.

Dr. Angela O’Neil, who is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine and who is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, was previously the Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of the Mayo Medical School. Her focus in Child and Adolescent Health as well as Women’s health has offered IntellxxDNA insight as she beta tested our medical overview report. Dr. O’Neil’s feedback has also helped us as we move forward to address concerns of all ages including topics such as ADHD, other topics contributing to mental wellness and future development on reports designed for women’s health. Dr. O’Neil has been using IntellxxDNA since its inception.

Heather Way, PhD.

Dr. Heather Way is the head of the Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis. As a specialist in Autism, genomics and nutrition, Dr. Way has helped almost 1000 children dramatically improve their quality of life, often going from non-verbal to being mainstreamed. Dr. Way was the inspiration for our Neurodevelopmental Genomics Report and has been instrumental in the research and development of this report which is geared toward helping individuals with Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Her love and support as well as her tremendous knowledge has helped IntellxxDNA become the first Clinical Decision Support tool that has a report designed specifically for identifying modifiable contributing factors to neurodevelopmental conditions.

Brian Cornblatt, PhD.

Dr. Brian Cornblatt has spent over 20 years studying phytonutrients starting with bench work during his days at John’s Hopkins, all the way through human clinical trials for health promotion. He has focused on the ability of these substances to modulate expression of detoxication and anti-oxidative enzymes as well as their regulation of key molecular pathways. His most recent research has focused on Autism and mental health topics like cognition and schizophrenia. A recognized global expert on cellular detoxification pathways and their underlying genomic contributors, Dr. Cornblatt has consulted with our scientific research team as we have worked to untangle complicated genomics. He has also helped us understand fundamentals that have contributed to the development of our detox and inflammation panels which are key to health and wellness.

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