Genomic intelligence makes DNA-targeted precision medicine a reality for your practice.

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What is genomics testing?

Genomics is the study of very small changes in a person’s DNA. Each of us has about 25,000 different genes made up of approximately 3 billion DNA nucleotides or units. Subtle variations in this DNA are not only what make us look different from one another, but also create subtle health differences by changing the instructions for everything our cells make and do; how we make hormones, handle inflammation and what nutrients we need more or less of. These changes translate to health effects that can be modified, when understood.

The IntellxxDNA Difference

Evidence-based, Precision Medicine
The IntellxxDNA Clinical Decision Support Tool is our proprietary genomic research and intelligence platform, which provides comprehensive, accessible medical reporting and scientific explanations of an individual patient’s gene functions.

Our support of the clinical decision-making process helps to guide prevention and intervention strategies that enable cutting-edge, personalized medical and nutritional treatments.

Patients and clinicians are partners in the IntellxxDNA healing process.

Hear from some of our clinician clients…

Dr. Eduardo Maristany

Naples Center for Functional Medicine

Board Certified internal medicine physician and an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
“Finally, the future is here! As a functional medicine physician and genomics researcher, I’m honored to use IntellxxDNA as an evidenvce-based compass, to provide precise recommendations unique to each patient.”

Dr. Angela O’Neil

Next Level Concierge Care

Former Mayo Clinic Physician and Assistant Dean of the Mayo Medical School. Board-Certified in both Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine and certified in Functional Medicine
“Using IntellxxDNA clinical decision support tool, I can get a true picture of a patient’s future risks, and more importantly, how we can work together to modify them.”

Dr. Robert Sheeler

Next Level Concierge Care

Former Clinical Practice Chair for the Department of Family Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Former Family Medicine Clerkship Director and professor at the Mayo Medical School. Board-Certified in both Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine and certified in Functional Medicine
“IntellxxDNA genomic testing is the single most valuable test I have ever ordered. It gives me the precision needed to prevent and reverse disease.”

Dr. Aunna Herbst

Chief Medical Officer, Salt Health

Previous IFM Faculty at the Cleveland Clinic and author of Functional Medicine in Primary Care: Together We Will Get You Better, and contributing author to the new Functional Medicine textbook.
“The benefit of IntellxxDNA is that in 30 minutes, my patient and I were able to figure out what took me 7 years of trial and error. IntellxxDNA is a huge asset to the practice of functional medicine.”

Dr. Craig P. Tanio

Rezilir Health

Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Faculty appointments at Jefferson Medical College. Board-Certified in Internal Medicine, certified in Functional Medicine.
“IntellxxDNA is precision medicine that allows us to understand potential genetic weaknesses, allowing us to customize treatment specifically to your genes and metabolism.”