Patient answers are in the code. We help clinicians find them.

IntellxxDNA™ is your ultimate clinical decision support tool. It makes genomics-based, personalized patient care obtainable and actionable.


Direct-to-consumer genomics testing and reports offer the general public limited, incomplete health information. These tests do not tell the whole story.

IntellxxDNA™ provides licensed health professionals with advanced, medical-genomics and nutrigenomics reports that deliver scientific explanations to help clinicians make sense of gene function for each patient. Our custom array/chip enables us to deliver well-researched reports that align your patients' DNA findings with evidence-based, potential intervention strategies

Our goal is to help you administer personalized, cutting-edge patient care based on exceptional genomic research integrity. 

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Inform Patients on Genomics


See beyond disease states to uncover underlying risk and benefit factors for each patient.

Genomics Training for Physicians


Expand your medical knowledge of gene function and your understanding of pathophysiology.

Genomics Medicine Personalize Patient Care


Review a range of evidence-based interventions aligned to your patient's genomic profile.

Educate Patients on Health and Genomics


Educate your patients on health risks and benefits uncovered through genomic intelligence.

Grow Medical Practice Through Genomics


Engage in health counseling informed by genomic data and science-based potential modulations.

Increase compliance and patient satisfaction


Increase patient compliance and satisfaction.

IntellxxDNA™ Testing Options

Insight into gene function, and the ability to create an individualized health plan in response, offers the most targeted, personalized route to helping your patients achieve health goals.  It all starts with a DNA test kit.


Utilize our proprietary DNA saliva collection kit

Access the most in-depth reporting by having your patients undergo DNA testing using the IntellxxDNA™ test kit. Our proprietary custom saliva DNA collection kit allows for access to thousands of well documented and researched SNPs not found on direct to consumer or commercial products. Our choice of custom SNPs is based on the most current published scientific literature. Our saliva test kits are processed by a University affiliated CLIA and CAP certified lab. DNA saliva collection kits are shipped directly to your patient or office when you order an IntellxxDNA™ report through your clinician portal. Questions, call us at 512 717-3300.


Curious? Let's connect.

Licensed health care professionals have access to our unique reports. Our original comprehensive Medical Overview Report features over 17 panels of common health issues, along with clinician-friendly, genomic training modules to support utilization. Additional panels are scheduled for release later in 2018.

Licensed health care professionals have access to our unique reports.  Our original comprehensive Medical Overview Report features over 17 panels of common health issues while our Brain Optimization Report and our Cognition/Nutrigenomics Report supports clinicians in developing more personalized protocols for improving and maintaining memory.  Both allow clinicians to guide their patients toward ideal health and well-being.  Clinician-friendly, genomic training modules are available online to support utilization. Webinars and live training workshops are also available.

For healthcare providers who hold a MD, DO, FNP, PA, or ND license with their state, schedule a private tour to see a sample report and learn how the IntellxxDNA report is utilized in clinical practice.


The ultimate self care is better health care.

Help your patients take a pro-active and preventive approach to their health through advanced, actionable, accessible genomics intelligence. The IntellxxDNA™ clinical decision support tool enables you to deliver in-depth personalized care to improve patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.